Rick Rodriguez video

Here ( http://www.frouman.net/ricky.rm ) is a backup copy of a 56-minute video made by Richard Peter Rodriguez (aka David Moses Zerby, Richard Peter Smith, Rick, Ricky, Pete, Davidito) before he killed Angela Marilyn Smith (aka Susan Joy Kauten, Praise, Sue and Trust) and himself. It can also be found at its original location - http://www.ishiver.com/. Before watching the video, you may want to read the disclaimer there. Some viewers may find the content disturbing. I don't have time to write my own disclaimer. It is in Realvideo Format. To download RealPlayer go to Real Networks. If anyone has the original tape or a copy of it and is willing to send it to me so I can make it available here in higher quality formats, please contact me. (email peter at frouman dot net). A transcript and links to download the video in various formats are now available here.

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