The Family Care Foundation was established by The Family in 1997. In recent years, it has come to light that they have had child molesters serve on their board of directors and that they funded and supported charitable projects run by child molesters and abusers. Moreover, the projects run by child molesters which they funded involved contact with children.

Here is a list of Family Care Foundation funders who gave the Family Care Foundation a grant of more than $5,000. It does not yet include grants from 2004. Please note that there is no evidence that any of these foundations were aware of the connection between the Family Care Foundation and The Family. Nor is there any evidence that the foundations which gave FCF grants were aware of the Family Care Foundation's history of providing funding for child molesters to "help" children." Indeed, "Waitt Family Foundation chief administrator Al Panico told LOCAL 8 that he was "shocked and surprised" when he found out about the connection between the Family Care Foundation and a sex cult called The Family that once advocated sex with children."1

Funders of Family Care Foundation, Inc.
Wardle Family Foundation 12/31/2002 $5,000
Wardle Family Foundation 12/31/2001 $25,000

FCF and The Family: Exploring the Connections
IRS documents show ties between charity, sex cult
Hewlett grant went to cult-linked charity
Dulzura Charity Funded Accused Child Molester
La Jolla Foundation Donated to Charity with Ties to Sex Cult
Family Care Foundation in the News - not updated since March 2004

Priest Shot by His Accuser Is Convicted of Abuse - Jurors found that Maurice Blackwell, 58, molested Dontee Stokes, 29, a former altar boy who shot Mr. Blackwell three years ago on a city street. [NYT National News]

Here ( ) is a backup copy of a 56-minute video made by Richard Peter Rodriguez (aka David Moses Zerby, Richard Peter Smith, Rick, Ricky, Pete, Davidito) before he killed Angela Marilyn Smith (aka Susan Joy Kauten, Praise, Sue and Trust) and himself. It can also be found at its original location - Before watching the video, you may want to read the disclaimer there. Some viewers may find the content disturbing. I don't have time to write my own disclaimer. It is in Realvideo Format. To download RealPlayer go to Real Networks. If anyone has the original tape or a copy of it and is willing to send it to me so I can make it available here in higher quality formats, please contact me. (email peter at frouman dot net). A transcript and links to download the video in various formats are now available here.

More information:

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Numerous news sources are reporting that the "unconfirmed threat" which "forced" United Airlines flight UA840 from Sydney to Los Angeles to abort, jettison fuel and return to Sydney 90 minutes into the flight was the discovery of a (presumably empty) barf bag with the terrifying word "BOB" scrawled on it. Apparently this was somehow interpreted as an acronym meaning "Bomb on Board." A Herald Sun article reports that:

Other flights were diverted to other cities across Australia as Sydney Airport was locked down, highways around it closed and the air space restricted. The First Response security team, including Australian Federal Police counter terrorism agents, searched the aircraft for several hours, bathed in large external floodlights brought on to the scene, but nothing was found and it was believed to be a hoax. All luggage was also put through security X-ray. Passengers were taken by bus to a holding room in the terminal, questioned by airport authorities, had their bags screened and were given Krispy Kream donuts.

The FTC doesn't think a "Do Not Spam" list will work. (Press Release below) I think they are right but they are missing the point. What we really need is a "Please Spam" list. Sending spam to any address not on the list would be illegal and be subject to both civil and criminal sanctions. This would be a lot more efficient than a "Do not spam" list. To be continued.... once I finish reading The CAN-SPAM Act of 2003: National Do Not Email Registy: A Federal Trade Commission Report to Congress (June 2004)

Andy Warhol once said "In the future everybody will be world famous for fifteen minutes." Some of my fifteen minutes possibly occurred when I was six years old and performed the remarkable feat of getting lost on my bike and getting a helicopter ride home. I guess it was a slow news day and my 25-mile bike ride made the front page of the local paper and was covered on local evening news broadcasts. Over the years, this improbable story became part of the Frouman family folklore and was constantly embellished and exaggerated with each retelling. Here is the original story from the front page of the Austin American-Statesman of March 24, 1981. Scans of the original article are here.

Los Niños de Dios en Argentina- Causa 32.202- menores Frouman E. y otros s/ Inf. Art. 10- Ley 10.067.

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