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Founder leaves 120-lawyer firm due to disagreement about its future direction

Thu, 2014/01/02 - 10:55am
A co-founder is leaving a 120-attorney Texas law firm after 28 years, due to a disagreement about its future direction. In a Tuesday internal memorandum, partner Donald Looper, who headed the firm's corporate practice group, announced his resignation from Looper Reed & McGraw. He plans to share an office on…

Suspended lawyer drops suit over her nude photos

Thu, 2014/01/02 - 10:31am
A suspended Illinois lawyer who pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor prostitution charge has dropped her lawsuit accusing a prosecutor and her former defense lawyer of showing her nude photos to others. Reema Bajaj, 28, agreed to withdraw the suit without the possibility of refiling it, the…

Three law-firm mergers are now complete

Thu, 2014/01/02 - 9:33am
Updated: Three law-firm mergers announced last year are now complete. Carlton Fields and Jorden Burt have merged and are now operating as Carlton Fields Jorden Burt, according to a press release. The merged firm has more than 370…

And the Blawg 100 popular vote-getters are ...

Thu, 2014/01/02 - 8:55am
Updated: ABA Journal editors picked their favorite 100 law blogs of 2013 and then opened up the polls for some friendly competition. After some 4,000 readers weighed in, the winners and proud owners of bragging rights in each category are: Criminal…

Chemerinsky: Bankruptcy case tops a busy January session

Thu, 2014/01/02 - 8:45am
The Supreme Court's January argument calendar has a number of high profile cases. On Monday, Jan. 13, the court will hear oral arguments in NLRB v. Noel Canning on the ability of the president to make recess appointments to federal agencies. The case poses constitutional questions that never have been…

Chief Justice Roberts says continued budget cuts would create safety risk, commercial uncertainty

Thu, 2014/01/02 - 8:38am
Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. warned in his year-end report that sequestration cuts to the federal judiciary budget have imperiled public safety and delayed both civil and criminal cases. The cuts meant less money for security guards at courthouses, fewer court clerks to process new cases, and fewer public…

How long was it until you stopped feeling like a ‘new’ lawyer?

Thu, 2014/01/02 - 8:30am
It's a new year. How many years has it been since you started practicing law? How many years has it been since you were a "new lawyer"? Or are you one still? "One of the transactional attorneys I worked with at BigLaw told me that she only started to feel…

Utah asks SCOTUS to stay ruling allowing same-sex marriages; a ‘subtle shift’ in arguments?

Thu, 2014/01/02 - 8:05am
Utah’s attorney general has asked the U.S. Supreme Court for a stay of a judge’s ruling striking down the state ban on same-sex marriages. Justice Sonia Sotomayor, who oversees emergency appeals for the region, has asked for a response by noon Friday from lawyers who challenged the law, report

Federal judge gives up his celebrated blog after story airs criticism

Thu, 2014/01/02 - 7:12am
U.S. District Judge Richard Kopf is giving up his blog, Hercules and the Umpire, less than a year after his first post. Kopf’s decision comes after a Wall Street Journal (sub. req.) story aired both criticism and support for judges who…

Former Dewey chairman lands a new job

Thu, 2014/01/02 - 6:38am
Former Dewey & LeBoeuf chairman Steven Davis has a new job that should help him pay off his $511,000 settlement with the defunct firm’s bankruptcy trustee and liability insurer. Davis will become the top in-house legal adviser for the government of Ras al Khaimah in the…

Judge orders release of dying, disbarred lawyer imprisoned for aiding terrorism

Thu, 2014/01/02 - 6:15am
A judge has ordered the release of a dying, disbarred lawyer who was serving a 10-year sentence for passing messages from an imprisoned terrorism client to his followers. U.S. District Judge John Koeltl ordered the “compassionate” release of Lynne Stewart, 74, on Tuesday, report Reuters and the

Sotomayor stays health law’s contraceptive mandate in nuns’ case

Thu, 2014/01/02 - 5:45am
Justice Sonia Sotomayor granted a stay of the health care law’s contraceptive mandate on Tuesday to a group of Catholic nuns who claimed they would face “draconian fines” beginning on Jan. 1 if they did not comply. Sotomayor issued the stay a few hours before she

Despite more nominations to federal bench, Obama trails Bush in ‘imprint’ on judiciary

Tue, 2013/12/31 - 1:20pm
President Barack Obama was expected to leave his legacy on the federal courts through judicial appointments. But, although the two-term Democrat has made more nominations than his predecessor, George W. Bush, he may not have as much of an impact due to confirmation contention and inheriting a larger percentage of…

Pub owner’s sarcastic response to Starbucks cease-and-desist letter goes viral

Tue, 2013/12/31 - 12:55pm
A cease-and-desist letter sent to a small-town Missouri pub by Honigman Miller Schwartz & Cohn over a claimed violation of the Starbucks Coffee Co.'s "frappuccino" brand name has gone viral, after the owner, without help from a lawyer, drafted a sarcastic response and sent a $6 check. It says the…

Apple feuds with court-appointed BigLaw monitor over his access, firm’s 2-week $138K bill

Tue, 2013/12/31 - 12:09pm
The relationship between Apple Inc. and a Goodwin Procter partner appointed by a federal court to monitor the company's compliance with antitrust laws concerning its e-book marketing hasn't been going well. In a Monday filing in the Manhattan case accompanied by hundreds of email copies, monitor Michael Bromwich says Apple…

Lawyer fined for telling friend that client ‘Harry Potter’ author wrote new novel under pseudonym

Tue, 2013/12/31 - 11:40am
A British lawyer has been rebuked and fined £1,000 by the Solicitors Regulation Authority for violating client confidentiality by revealing to his wife's best friend that the author of the best-selling "Harry Potter" children's book series had written a new novel under a pseudonym. The revelation sent sales of the…

Federally indicted lawyer accused of telling clients to pay him in cash calls case ‘a DOJ vendetta’

Tue, 2013/12/31 - 10:40am
Accused of telling clients to pay him in cash and wire transfers routed to his American Express account, a New York lawyer is calling the federal indictment against him for allegedly failing to report and pay taxes on $3 million in income "a DOJ vendetta." The Department of Justice, says…

Unhappy with $128K award in family farm case, couple sues prominent lawyer and wins $1.1M

Tue, 2013/12/31 - 10:15am
Originally, a Maine couple blamed an agricultural conglomerate for the loss of a potato seed farm that had been in their family for generations. But, following a 10-year legal battle against Agway Inc., Vaughn and Mary Sleeper refocused their legal attack on a new target–their former lawyer and his firm.…

Sotomayor to launch New Year’s Eve ball-drop countdown at Times Square

Tue, 2013/12/31 - 8:55am
Following in the footsteps of Lady Gaga, the Rockettes, Colin Powell and Muhammad Ali, one of the U.S. Supreme Court's best-known judges will push the ceremonial button on New Year's Eve to launch the ball-drop countdown to midnight in New York City's Times Square. Justice Sonia Sotomayor, a native of…

Cartoon: Wait ... Who’s the criminal?

Tue, 2013/12/31 - 7:19am
Hmm. This scene is a little disconcerting. But rather than discuss it here, we'll leave it to your imagination to tell us what's happening. Submit the caption you think best fits the scenario depicted in the cartoon by sending an email to captions[at]abajournal[dot]com with "Caption Contest" in the subject line.…